Before Self love

Two years ago, I was frail.   Not physically, but mentally.   No one could tell, really.   I could kick any standardized test's ass, I read four books a week, I had a witty retort for literally every situation...but a well-designed insult could ruin my entire day on the inside.   An anxiety-provoking situation could make me lose hours (minimum) of productivity.   And don't get me started on what this frailty was doing to my relationships...

It didn't even occur to me to listen to what my heart desired.   It just occurred to me to keep going, and pushing, and trying to guilt myself into feeling gratitude for a life that wasn't making me happy.   



If something makes me anxious, I soothe my anxiety.   Efficiently and effectively.   And am able to move through the rest of my day or whatever process I'm engaged in with joy and peace.

The opinions of others about me don't matter to me.   I honestly mean that.   (I know, it sounds pretty fucking crazy.   And it is.)

The relationships in my life are fulfilling and supportive, and I know that every single person that I choose to have in my life loves me for exactly who I am.   There's no more pretending.  

And I honest-to-god love myself.    So that's pretty fucking cool.


This course is for you if:

  • You're a badass, empowered woman who generally has it together, but you want to uplevel your energy and be able to fully celebrate and enjoy your massive success.
  • You prefer lasting changes to upgrade your lifestyle for good, not a quick fix or a band-aid.
  • You're ready to invest in yourself and your happiness.




Welcome to Foundations.




I'm Shelby.




Through this course, I'll help you build a sustainable foundation of self-love that will support you throughout your life and everything you do.




What You Get

Six training modules live with me, diving deep into various aspects of self-love and providing implementation tools and strategies for creating a solid foundation.

Visualization exercises and meditations each week.

 Implementation strategies for each module, with options for different comfort zones.

 Affirmations and journal prompts related to the week's work.

Extra bonus content!



You wIll learn how to...

Handle stressful situations with grace, ease, and swift recovery.

Appreciate the life you have while creating the life you desire.    

Get into a place of good energy and protect that energy from external circumstances.

Enjoy, celebrate and maximize your success while still making sure you're always taken care of.





We work on negative self-talk, resilience, and energy shifting.    Basically, I help you learn how to treat yourself well.


 We implement strategies to ensure that we are acting in alignment with self-respect in all areas of life, including business and our relationships.


We work on making sure we have "enough".    This could be as simple as food or water, or it could mean time with friends, yoga classes, or spiritual connection.


We work on upleveling every area of life and knowing that we are worthy of the higher life we desire.


We learn how to take care of ourselves and listen to our own needs, and how to prioritize them while still showing up for the relationships in our lives in the ways we need to.      We discuss how to implement sacred self-care into our days to best support us.    


We put together everything we've worked through in order to create our self-love foundation.  And finally, we get to dive down deep into the real energetic and soul-based parts of building self-love.



  • There will be a live module each week.   Start date will be in the next two weeks and is to be announced.
  • You will have permanent access to the course content (the live parts will be recorded).    If I ever add to this course, you'll have access to those additions.   
  • You'll also get tons of bonuses throughout, and meditations, visualizations, journal prompts and affirmations weekly.



  • One complimentary individual session with me at the end of the course if you're interested in learning more about individual work (expires 6 months after course end date)
  • Introduction to Meditation and Prayer Training
  • Vision Boarding 101 Training
  • Some promotions have their own (additional) bonuses!   They'll be sent to you if applicable.



$197.   You can apply any promo codes at checkout.

Enrollment is currently closed.    Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this course in the future.



Email me at with any questions you may have!